“How To Overcome Addiction Without Spending THOUSANDS Of Your Hard Earned Cash OR Spanking Your Medical Insurance”

Even if you don’t have insurance at all …



Before you discover the key to permanent addiction recovery, let’s explore what you’re up against.


You, Versus $35 Billion

That’s right. The recovery business is worth $35 billion dollars a year.

If you, your family member or friend has been through a rehab center, then you know they happily charge up to $73,000 for 30 days treatment.

Once you search the web for recovery options and you will quickly bombarded with ads and pages for rehab centers promising the world, addiction free in 30 days, top quality facilities and success rates of up to 80%… BUT very little independent and reliable information.

The addiction industry in the U.S. has sky-rocketed from 4,000 centers in 1986 to over 14,000 by 2013.

During the same period, the industry grew from $9 billion to over $35 billion.

Where There’s Alot of Money, There’s Even More BS


You know in your heart of hearts, where ever there is so much money to be made there’s also even more BS to contend with.

That finding unbiased, actionable and scientifically backed information is extremely difficult.

Getting answers is hard, getting clean & sober and staying clean is ever harder. But seeking out good, evidence based and trustworthy help should be the easy part.

It’s Not Your Fault

So here you are needing help and up against this massive $35 billion Gorilla. No wonder you’re tired, frustrated and want to give up.

But don’t.

Thankfully you have found this page.

You might be wondering “How are you going to afford 10’s of thousands of dollars?.”

There’s good news, you don’t have to fork out loads of cash for rehab centers, most of which are not government monitored or even have medically trained staff.

What if there was another way?


Let’s Cut Through The Crap


While the Rehab industry is laughing all the way to the bank, where does that leave you?

Even if you have insurance, somebody always pays in the end and these companies are taking full advantage.

People affected by substance abuse, without insurance have paid for their son or daughter’s rehab treatment and are now in massive debt.


Anything to Stop The Suffering


Wouldn’t you? Your loved one is suffering from the scourge of drug or alcohol addiction, in pain, in trouble and with no way out. You would do anything possible to support them, right?

Maybe you have that kind of money, maybe you don’t. Maybe you had to go begging to a bank to support your suffering loved one.

Either way it’s gonna hurt.

The choice between debt or addiction recovery, now you don’t need to make that call.


You Only Need to Know Two Things!


From addiction to recovery is a slow, challenging journey – accept this.

The US Government has recently made changes to their policy. Bush created policy to for medical insurance companies to include addiction counseling. Obama later expanded this.

This is a good thing, right?

Well, partially.

By expanding the insurance so patients can afford the treatment this has forced insurance companies to cover substance abuse counseling. Of course this has expanded the support for alcoholics and drug addicts desperately trying to get the monkey of their backs. Definitely a good thing.


The downside is that by expanding the substance abuse “market” the number of companies has exploded for one reason.


Cash, moola, dinero… $35 billion of it.

Snouts in the trough with one clear aim:

“Grab as much of this insurance cash as possible.”

Finally, the government has put science, not just insurance money behind the issue.


Addiction Recovery is a Marathon

Not a Race


The statistics for serious addiction recovery are over-inflated, not scientifically based and simply cannot be proven.

Many rehab facilities state success rates of up to 80% for a single stint in rehab for 30 days. This is just not true.

Even government statistics are not completely accurate, however over the last 40 years, research suggests an average success rate of 5%-10% – Nowhere near the success rate that companies boast.


Before you get upset…


This is not necessarily the companies’ fault. Typically, they gather statistics simply by calling their previous patients asking them “Hey Claire, hows the recovery? Have you stayed clean since you completed our treatment?”

It just might be the 80% they report… Why?


Human Nature.


Let’s look at this, you or your insurance provider has paid megabucks for 30 days in rehab.

BUT…. You relapse. Humiliated, embarrassed, FAILED.

The Center calls you up 2 weeks or maybe a month later. How will you respond?

Exactly – most patients will lie. Simply because they’re too embarrassed to admit they have slipped.

The difference in long-term government statistics and those reported by the facility’s success rates prove this.

I get it. I’d probably lie too. Who wouldn’t?

The key here is to “Never Quit Quitting”. All successful entrepreneurs, inventors and pioneers failed dozens, if not hundreds of times before obtaining success.

Most patients go through several rounds of rehab counseling and at least one relapse before they manage to kick the addiction for good. Not to mention that this is combined with long term support from friends and family.

Statistically no-one is “cured” after just 30 days.

Rehab centers are not interested in curing you as when patients relapse, they make more money draining the pockets of sufferers.


They don’t want you to know …


What if you preferred to “go it alone” and treat yourself? Many do this out of lack of insurance, funds or other reasons.

Government research over the last 30-40 years also shows one interesting fact:

Would you like to know the average success rate of substance abusers who, with hard work, a support network and pure determination recover without rehab facilities?

About 5%-10%

Pretty much the same result. Without spending tons of cash.

What you can do Right Now To

Beat Those Odds


I completely understand, either with or without rehab centers the success rate is so low, it’s scary.

Want to beat those odds? There is a way.

I will send you an easy to read 32 page e-book so you can really start the journey to freedom from addiction and I’d like you to have it, FREE.

Maybe you are looking for accurate and dependable information for a friend or family member, not yourself. No problem, send them here to this page or feel free to sign up below and give your loved one the best support you can during this challenging time.

You could read it, print it or email it forward. When it comes to reliable sources of information, every little helps!


Included in the e-book


You can get the full scoop here, but here’s a “big picture” look at what’s covered:

  • Tips for friends and family members of someone in recovery or who is yet to take treatment.
  • Exactly what to expect from the detox process.
  • Why nutrition is extremely important and how to eat properly.
  • Exercise and it’s importance in recovery.
  • All the information you need in your hands, so the recovery can begin, now.

And much, much more.

Very important bonus! (Just added June 2018)

  • How very recent changes in government policy can assist you with medical professionals specifically trained and certified to provide you with the best support available. AND how to find them in your area.

This one key item will boost the success rate of anyone suffering from addiction, whether its drugs, alcohol or prescription meds. Or whether they are first timer or someone who has relapsed.

This is not included in the book, but all the information required is included in the email.

The report itself will take less than 30 minutes to read takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to sidestep the minefields, for free here.


Here’s How To Get This, FREE.

First, go here and request it.

Just enter your name and tell me where to send everything and it’s yours.

Like I said, there’s no cost.

And if you’d like a little more info on what’s covered, you can go here and get the full scoop.


Audrey Watkins

P.S. In case you’re one of the people (like me) who skim to the P.S. before you read the page, here’s what this is about:

  1. Most rehab centers do not have medically trained staff
  2. The legal requirements and standards to open such an important facility are so low in most states that virtually *anyone* can legally open one.
  3. Medically and statistically backed information is very rare and difficult to obtain.
  4. There’s only two simple things to understand about recovering from addiction, so you can start today.
  5. There are low-cost (some are free) options available so you can finally move forward. (If you want to skip the article and check out the free report, you can do that here.)