Treatment using Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab, All You Want To Know About It

Before discussion on treatment of drug addiction using Dual diagnosis drug rehab one should know about dual diagnosis and reasons of its adaption. It is overlap of two abnormalities “Mood swings” and “substance addiction”. That’s the reason it is named as dual. The risk of drug addiction increases four times among adults who face mental illness. The recognition of dual diagnosis is very important for the complete rehabilitation of health of a patient. It is uncertain that what comes first, Mental illness or substance addiction. Both are closely link with each other because one can cause the other. In 37% cases Drug addiction affects our brain and its functionality and causes mental disorder. In 50% cases mental health problem like anxiety stress and extreme depression leads a person towards substance addiction.

Signs and conditions of Dual diagnosis drug rehab:

Dual diagnosis drug rehabThe sign of drug addiction is redness of eyes, separation from families, break up with friends, mental illness, mood swings, frustrations and abnormal behavior and becomes fed up from favorite activities. These all symptoms need Dual diagnosis drug rehab for treatment. The mental health conditions related to dual diagnosis include depression, anxiety, eating disorder, personality disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, panic disorder and bipolar disorder. Substance addiction includes alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, medication addiction, marijuana addiction and heroin addiction.

Categories of treatment in Dual diagnosis drug rehab:

There are four basic types of curing drug addiction and improving mental health in Dual diagnosis drug rehab, i-e inpatient treatment program, partial hospitalization, out-patient and intensive out-patient treatment program. These categories depend upon the condition of patient. In severe cases intensive Inpatient treatment program is adopted in which infected person have to live in rehabilitation centre during his/her treatment process. It’s an intensive methodology. Patients have to attend counseling group on daily basis. In out-patient treatment stretegy, patient is not bound to stay in the rehabilitation centre.

Steps of Dual diagnosis drug rehab:

The following steps should be taken in Dual diagnosis drug rehab,

  • Intervention is necessary; this systematic process involves convincing the infected person for treatment.
  • Recognize the problem and Reduce stress by eliminating its causes.
  • Drug Detox withdraws the symptoms of drug addiction.
  • Evidence base medication is required.
  • Family therapy, group therapy and individual therapy helps to improve mental health and get rid of substance addiction.
  • Educational lectures should be delivered to make mind engage with healthy mind activities.
  • To bust depression exercise plays an important role.
  • Adequate sleep must be taken it also gives relief to our mind and natural way of reducing stress.
  • After care is very essential for successful rehabilitation of patient.

Relapse Prevention during Dual diagnosis drug rehab:

In mostly cases treatment of drug addiction is not enough, mental health problems also matters that leads a person towards substance addiction. And if these are not properly cured causes relapse towards drug addiction. Therefore Dual diagnosis drug rehab method of treatment is adopted. In which substance addiction and mental health problem both are considered.

Dual diagnosis drug rehabControversy of Dual diagnosis drug rehab:

Due to strict criticism Dual diagnosis drug rehab becomes controversial. Although mostly drug rehab cases involve both the mental health problem and drug addiction, but there are also some cases that involve one of the above mentioned problem. This makes dual diagnosis treatment method controversial. Dual diagnosis treatment cannot suggest for the person who is suffering from mental illness only. Therefore proper recognition of disease is necessary instead of making assumption. The right treatment results in required outcome and infected person will start his/her new life.


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